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Class Packages for Grades 1-3

Important Notes:

  1. This form will need to be filled out separately for each child being enrolled.
  2. Select the package by clicking on the box assigned with the package.
  3. The price for each package is $40/ Child /Month
  4. All the following classes will be offered weekly starting from September and will run till the end of June of every academic year.
  5. All the class timings provided below are based on Easter Standard Time (ET)

Grades 1-3 Class Packages

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Please complete this registration form and make the online payment. Registration fee for each package is $40/ Child /Month

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Number of Packages * $40 per Child per Month per Package.

Note: Monthly Payments will be Automatically Charged on the Credit Card Provided* To make any changes to your Credit Card/Billing Info or to Update/Cancel your Child’s Registration, you must contact the E-School Admin at eschool@dawanet.ca or Call / WhatsApp / Text: +1 (289) 232-1545 at least 5 business days prior to one’s Monthly Billing Date. There will be NO REIMBURSEMENTS to fees deducted if one fails to notify the Admin 5 business days prior to one’s Monthly Billing Date. In such cases, the subscription cancellation would automatically be applied to the next month's fee payment.