Ramadan Revival


April 2, 2023    
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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CAPITOL BANQUET CENTRE 6435 Dixie Road Mississauga
6435 Dixie Road Mississauga, ON L5T 1X4, Mississauga, Ontario, L5T 1X4, Ontario

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Bismillah! Ramadan 2023 has finally arrived and the team at DawaNet is very excited to announce that you are all invited to our annual RAMADAN REVIVAL IFTAR!
As with every year, we bring the community together for a delicious iftar buffet, and very popular speakers on a night that ignites the spirit in the heart of the holy month.

This year, our keynote speaker is world renowned speaker Sh. SAAD TASLEEM joining us from the US, along with local favourite Sh. HOSAM HELAL who will also be joining us for the night.

For families, there will be a parallel kids program that will be running throughout the event, so everyone can enjoy this year’s event!

We look forward to having you! Reserve your seats today.

Salaam Alaykum.
– The DawaNet Team

Sheikh Saad Tasleem Bio:

Shaykh Saad Tasleem, born and raised in the USA, is highly in tune with today’s youth struggles and pressures, while grounded with education in traditional Islamic Sciences.

In his early years, Shaykh Saad tasted the alternative life as the lead singer of a punk rockband. Moving on from that lifestyle, Shaykh Saad still skateboards, snowboards, and rocks his Converse sneakers. After studying Art History, Modern Art, Graphic Design, and Psychology at the University of Maryland, he decided to take his life in a brand new direction.

Shaykh Saad started Islamic education at IIASA in Fairfax, VA. He then went on to study at the Islamic University of Madinah where he dedicated himself to the study of Islamic Sciences. He graduated with a Bachelor’s from the Faculty of Islamic Law, University of Madinah.

Today, Shaykh Saad dedicates his teaching to Muslim youth learning to balance their Western lifestyles with Islamic values. At AlMaghrib, he has developed seminars like Fiqh of Chillin’: Entertainment & Recreation in Islam, Trends: Fiqh of Fashion & Clothing, and Deception: Study of Shaytan. His primary message is to empower Muslim youth to be comfortable with their own personal identities as part of Western society.

Sheikh Hosam Helal

Imam Hosam Helal currently serves as the Imam and Religious Affairs Director at Islamic Society of St. Catharines. He also serves as the Associate Chaplain at Brock University, an instructor at ISNA Canada, and a director of Mishkah Social Services. He previously served as the Imam at the Muslim Association of Hamilton and Program Coordinator at ISNA Canada.

He has served as Imam, khateeb, teacher, and instructor for the last 10 years at several universities throughout Canada and the United States. Imam Hosam Helal completed his education in Health Sciences, Sociology, Neuroscience, and Near & Middle Eastern Civilization at the University of Toronto and in Quran exegesis at Al-Azhar University.

He memorized the Quran at the age of eight and has since received several Ijazahs in its recitation styles. As the founder and instructor of Quran Journey, he travels across the world with the intentions of helping Muslims reconnect deeply with the Quran.


Bookings are closed for this event.