Senior Wellness

DawaNet decided to cover the gap in senior physical and mental wellness which is not only found within ethnic or religious communities, it is a global issue.

Our Short term plan is not only to provide recreational activities and networking platforms but also to focus on senior wellness by connecting with our creator while focusing on enriching mental and physical health, as well as increasing cognitive engagement through reducing social isolation, bringing together diverse Muslim ethnicities, and connecting different generations.

But our long-term plan is to create a Muslim Senior Care (MSC) that will be one of a kind program in Mississauga and will provide our Muslim seniors with a platform to improve their mental and physical wellbeing while providing peace of mind to their working children.
MSC care will provide structured activities throughout the day which encourage contact cognitive engagement.

This is one of a kind initiative in Mississauga that will engage our Muslim Seniors from all ethnicities with a structured platform all day long to improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing while providing peace of mind to their working children.

This type of engagement will provide awareness, education, mental, financial wellness, and Physical activity as well as Spiritual Wellness based on Islamic practices

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