CanadaZakat specializes in local collection & local distribution of zakat to empower Muslims in Canada. The initiative aims to achieve social solidarity and make our Zakat work for our community, our neighbourhoods, and our country.


Founded in 2002, Understanding Islam Academy is an endeavour of DawaNet to facilitate the understanding (Fiqh) and education of sacred Islamic traditions and sources in the contemporary North American context. The ideal model of Islamic education set by the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, involves the understanding of both the text and context, our sources and society. Every vibrant, productive, and conscious Muslim community has Islamic institutions of education where the teachers and scholars create an environment of interactive learning and productive discourse. UIA is among the pioneers in offering weekend seminars and intensive week-long programs in the Greater Toronto Area with scholars and instructors from diverse academic disciplines around the world. Far from theoretical discourses on ‘good to know’ subjects, UIA’s deliberately designed sessions offer stuff you ‘need to know’ as a Canadian Muslim who loves Allah and His creation.


MuslimFest is an award-winning festival that celebrates the best in Muslim arts, culture, and entertainment. Launched in 2004, MuslimFest is an initiative of DawaNet and brings together a pool of talented professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, activists, and volunteers to craft a festival that is the first of its kind in North American history. In a post 9/11 world that is often filled with violent images and anti-Muslim hysteria, MuslimFest organizers believe it is imperative to hold bridge-building events that positively engage young Canadians and dispel negative stereotypes about Islam and Muslims. MuslimFest provides Muslim youth with opportunities to share their culture with the broader community. It offers education through the language of art, humour, and meaningful entertainment, to help break barriers between Muslims and their neighbors. The festival features over 50 local and international artists who showcase their talent in various genres. From concerts featuring popular Muslim artists, to comedy shows, a multicultural bazaar, to a kids carnival; these are some of the many fun things one can expect at MuslimFest. Over 65,000 visitors attended this annual celebration in 2018.

About Since its inception in 2001, envisioned the idea of utilizing the web and email to build bridges between the various Muslim organizations, centres, mosques, leaders, volunteers and the community at large. is the only website in Ontario that lists the current Muslim community events, free of charge to everyone. It also publishes a highly anticipated e-newsletter, the only of its kind, that reaches out to several thousand individuals, families, and institutions across Canada twice a week. It’s the place that Toronto’s Muslims Go First!

Health & Wellness

The Initiative is launched to disseminate basic health and wellness information for everyone and everywhere in our community by providing current and updated research-based information. Our Initiative does not only focus on the spiritual education for Muslims but also focuses on the physical well-being of our community members.


Our E-learning Initiative has fun & interactive Programs for kids 4 to 13 Years old that offer different courses like Math, Science, Coding, Language Arts, Quran, Seerah, Arabic, Islamic studies, Robotics Club, and more.